Weekend in Berlin · Part 2

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Weekend in Berlin 2.0

Hallo und Willkommen!

It’s time for the second part of the Berlin Top 10 Travel list. I hope you enjoyed the first part.

Here goes part 2:

Main locations: Berliner Dom and Museum Island, Alexanderplatz and The Fernseherturn, Nikolaiviertel

The Berliner Dom is one of the most beautiful churches in Berlin. Coming from Unter den Linden Boulevard you’ll get soon close enough to spot the huge Berlin Cathedral on the Museum Island. Finished more than 100 years ago the imposing building overlooks the many museums filled with art and history from all over the world.

Berliner Dom

They are on a not so little island in the middle of Berlin’s Spree River.

The Fernsehturm (German for Television Tower) is another easy to spot Berlin symbols. Its 368 meters make it visible from all over Berlin. It’s sometimes called Alex Tower as it is very near to Alexanderplatz.

Alex Turn

The large square is filled with shops and public transportation options, being one of the transport hubs of the city. A very beautiful sight to visit in Berlin.

Nikolaiviertel is 5 minutes walking distance from Alexanderplatz and gets you in the historic Germany some parts of the newer parts of Berlin move away from. Built around Berlin’s oldest churches (Nikolaikirche) the 8-century old neighborhood has a calm and fairytale-like atmosphere.

In contrast with the busy streets around it. A charming delicate area of Berlin that must be on the to-see list.

Just Berlin

This are some other interesting places in Berlin. Hope you enjoyed them. Part 3 coming up soon.

Here’s something to get you in the mood I was in during my February 2017 trip to Berlin.


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