Weekend in Berlin · Part 1

DDR Pass Berlin

Weekend in Berlin

Hallo und Willkommen!

As I said in the first article here, I wanted to extend a bit on my experience in Berlin. Berlin is a very interesting diverse city. Everywhere you look you see something fun, new, weird, interesting that gives the city the flavor that so many have fallen in love with. I almost think I have too.

So I have decided to make it like a Top 10 Berlin List of locations to see. hoping that I might help you decide to go and visit as well and experience the best this city has to offer. I believe that in a weekend’s time it might be hard to check off all the locations, but it’s do-able if you hurry a bit.


I will divide the list into 3 posts, with each having activities for a weekend city break in mind. Hope you enjoy it.

I have used the Lonely Planet Berlin (Travel Guide) to look up the most interesting spots to visit in Berlin. Must admit it was an awesome tool to use! I love their guides and the maps included. Easy to follow and to use in order to plan your own perfect holiday.

So here we go:

Part 1:

Main locations: The Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag building, Unter den Linden boulevard

The Brandenburg Gate is one of the most iconic parts of the city. One side overlooking the Pariser Platz and the other The Straße des 17. Juni, leading into Tiergarten. It’s always going to have smaller or bigger crowds of tourists taking pictures from all angles. The feeling of grandeur you get there is only enhanced by the huge American and French embassies opposing each other.

Brandenburg Tor

I believe it’s a great symbol of Berlin, Germany, and Europe as it’s been the center of attention even before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Reichstag building was for me a symbol of Germany. Rebuilt after it was had brought it to ruin it took back its original purpose, the German parliament. The huge German and European Union flag on top of it, are, I think a great symbol of German and European integration. Along with the huge role Germany plays as the biggest economy of Europe.


Imposing and beautiful the building awaits tourists and MPs.


Unter den Linden is one of the largest boulevards Berlin has. Starting with Brandenburg’s Pariser Platz the boulevard ”under the linden trees” is filled with embassies, coffee shops, souvenir shops. It’s a walk to remember along either side of the boulevard.

One of the biggest attractions of Berlin, I think.

Part 2 coming up very soon!

Bis bald!


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