This blog started in Berlin

Nikolai Kirche Platz

So this blog started in Berlin, on my birthday trip of 2017 to the German capital.

Berlin being a hipster-art-student-young city gives a vibe that makes you express yourself and feel free to do whatever you feel most comfortable doing.

I had always wanted to start a blog and it felt like this was the right time to do so, with this vibe in me.


Berlin is an awesome city! Let’s elaborate a bit 🙂

I found it to be a student and hipster heaven.

Large and wide streets with crowded tourist areas and many options to get from A to B.

All languages on the streets along German makes you feel this is the capital of the world. With people from all over, gathered to give the city a unique and diverse taste.

At first, it’s not a city I saw myself able to live in, but as the days went by I felt more and more attracted. That is not only by the main important places but more of the whole feeling that the city provides. That is you feel you can do anything, be anything and feel anything you wanted.

The beautiful sound of German is just a perk over here. I think as you can go by without the language of Goethe but the whole city is an incentive to wanting to learn German.

What to see

When you check things out on a map of the city many look to be within walking distance. I found the city spread far and wide with long big streets that allow you to see old and new side by side. That is before getting from one tourist attraction to another.

If you get the chance to see the city outside the tourist wave of the sunny season you can escape the huge crowds gathered to take selfies at the Brandenburg Gate but even rainy weather allowed many to be there when I got there days ago.


I think that a quick tour of the main points that need to be checked off the list can be done in 3 days without hurrying from site to site.

Tiergaten Park is an awesome oasis in the city making you forget that it’s cut by a busy street. The street right in the middle still lets you enjoy nature and silence in the middle of this European metropolis.

My view is that you must come and see Berlin at least once. The Berlin Wall remains scattered around the city, of the TV tower near Alexanderplatz or even to go crazy shopping in that same platz.


The metro system is easy to follow I think and lets you see the main sites easily and quickly.

As this was my first short encounter with Berlin I just wanted to write something about my experience. More to follow, as I am thinking of structuring it a bit more. I will also add details to some of the sites I saw.

Bis bald!




  1. Interesting. I’ve never been to Berlin. It’s surely an eye-opener to me. Wish I have the chance to go there at least once in my life. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. It is amazing! Definitely worth seeing at least once!

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