Thanks & Bear With Me

Bear with me

Hey guys, this is going to be a very short post.

I just wanted to touch base regarding the amazing readers I have. I am so happy with this blog, you have no idea. And I love the fact that I can express my love for books, travelling and random stuff. I am so grateful for all the activity and appreciation over here on the blog.

I have been doing this for seven months now and it’s been an amazing ride. Recently I added a Submissions page, alongside with having the blog listed on some book reviewers blog lists, and I am happy to report that many writers have reached out. And they have been so kind as to provide review copies of their books. And I cannot be more grateful. I appreciate the willingness to collaborate and the interesting books you keep sending my way.

Bear with me
Bear with me

Just wanted to thank everyone and to tell them I am working on them. Even if very slowly, as the books keep coming, and I have some of my own choosing that I want to read. So don’t lose faith, in case you’ve sent me your book, or plan on doing so. It just might take some time.

I’ve been in a slow stage and as the TBR pile grows, I need to select and choose the books I might like and so on, you know how it goes. Point is, bear with me 🙂

Hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy writing on it and let me know if there anything to improve.

Bis bald!



  1. When I first started reading this post and you said, “You’ve enjoyed the ride,” I was waiting for your big announcement that you were tired of the Blog and calling it quits. Instead, you were asking people to be patient. Glad you were just taking a “few breaths” and continuing on. 🙂 Thanks for the update.

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