Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff #BookReview

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff

Let’s talk about Fire and Fury. It became a world phenomenon immediately as it came out. And of course, it’s about Trump. Like everything in the news lately, Trump takes center stage. With extraordinary access to the Trump White House, Michael Wolff tells the inside story of the most controversial presidency of our time. The first nine months of Donald Trump’s term were stormy, outrageous – and absolutely mesmerizing. Now, thanks to his deep access to the West Wing, bestselling author Michael Wolff tells the riveting story of how Trump launched a tenure as volatile and fiery as the man …

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Hillary Clinton | Outside Interference Cost

Hillary Clinton

I recently saw an interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her last year presidential campaign. You can read it here. The BBC has also made an interesting timeline about her over here. I find both very interesting. Even if I don’t live in the US we can all agree that who is US president affects the whole world. Whether they want it or not. I remember last year before the end of the campaign I got a copy of Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices: A Memoir and I have to admit I was impressed. I think I had already decided that Trump was …

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