David M. Watson (Short Story Series #19)

Sunset Mountain Water Artsy Photo

David just moved to Scotland. He lives near Edinburgh. He has come here all the way from across the pond. He made the return trip his ancestors did not. He lived all his life in Seattle before deciding to make a drastic change. He was always interested in history and his personal family history. He made sure he knew as much as possible about how and why his family had decided to come by to the States all those years ago. And somehow he wanted to see the places they saw. Even if the Scotland they left has almost nothing …

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Phil Murray (Short Story Series #17)

Books Pages Red Collage

Phil Murray has lived in Glasgow most of his life. Except for a few years when he lived in Edinburgh. But he was always glad to come back up here. His favourite part of Glasgow is the friendly people and the weather for some reason. His wife never understood that. But he found it inspirational. You see, Phil is a writer. Always has been. Ever since he finished school he started writing. And has enjoyed a nice and steady income at that. His third novel just finished the book tour around Scotland so he decided to continue with his fourth. His …

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Where do I get my inspiration from?

Inspiration on the Web

How do you get your inspiration? You don’t have to be a blogger to need inspiration. Finding inspiration to blog is not easy sometimes. Or is that just me? Besides writing book reviews I wanted this blog to have other types of articles as well. But of course, that is something I have to work on. So I decided to list some of the tools I use to inspire future travel plans, books to read, articles to write and so on. Travel I’ll start with the travelling part; as the blog started while travelling and was inspired by it I still …

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Troon, Scotland #AmazingScotland

Troon blog photo

Scotland is amazing. Plain and simple. Even if I haven’t had the chance to see much of it, I can pretty much see that it is magnificent already. When the weather allows the place looks stunning. Another great location in Scotland is the beach. I checked out the one in Troon so I wanted to show you how beautiful the place is. And you can bet that people are going to take advantage of the sun. Dogs and their owners enjoying the sun. Awesome! Great view perfect for a nice walk I think. And even if you go through the …

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The Revolving Door of Life #review

The Revolving Door of Life Cover

The Revolving Door of Life (44 Scotland Street) by Alexander McCall Smith Found this book recently and I have to admit that the title winked at me. It’s an interesting book. The start may be a bit weird, up to the point when you get used to the style. Basically, it is a book about different people, somehow connected. But we see glimpses of their lives and how they go about their days. All of it happens in Edinburgh. Stories about moving house, teacher struggles, paintings, Dukes and much more find themselves in the pages of the book. It feels …

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Isle of Arran #AmazingScotland

Arran Scotland Flag Sky photo

As I have said before, Scotland is amazing. It’s such a beautiful country. So I wanted to show you guys some beautiful places I had the pleasure of visiting over here. On a lucky sunny weekend, the Isle of Arran is a spectacular view. After a ferry ride of around an hour, you get the chance to witness the beauty of the little island in the Firth of Clyde. There’s a lot of things to do for those who love hiking, or for those who just want a nice walk by the beach. The locals are ready for many types …

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The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Giant Causeway Stones Sunny

Another very beautiful spot not to miss while on a Northern Ireland trip. Close to the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, the Giant’s Causeway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland. The natural attraction is 60 million years old, coming from a volcanic eruption and creating a spectacular view. The rocky cliffs make a great touristic attraction and you’ll see many coming from all over the world. On another lucky sunny day, the Giant’s Causeway is a site to remember. The visitors center there provides a lot of info and guided tours in various languages. Legen-wait-for-it-dary There’s also a legend …

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