The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain #review

The Gustav Sonata Book Cover Photo

Beautiful! Just finished The Gustav Sonata by Rose Tremain and I have to admit it’s one of those books that you don’t want to finish. Very easy and enjoyable to read. It’s the story of Gustav, a Swiss boy we follow from kindergarten onwards. From meeting his first friend, Anton, we go through the most significant moments of his life. We follow them and enjoy their friendship. “Master yourself!” A very personal view of events and over the life in the Swiss Mountains right after the Second World War. We follow him and his family in a troubled yet happy …

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My ordinary evening (Short Story Series #2) #everydayinspiration

Paisley Sky Street

Thursday. Almost weekend. I’m getting ready close everything on my work computer. My coat is ready, and so am I. I have a ton of shopping to do. And Mark will be waiting by the door, I’m sure. I remember filling his bowl this morning, but I’m never sure. Oh how much I love to press the Down elevator button at the end of the day, going home.   The city is glowing with this evening sun. But the noise is killing the calm feeling. Where are my headphones? Ah, good… Missed these songs since this morning. Can’t get enough of …

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My ordinary morning (Short Story Series #1) #everydayinspiration

Rain Drops Street Car

The alarm clock made me jump up a bit. Usually, I wake up 2 minutes before that. The sun starts to light up the city. I get out of bed and go to check the window. The cars already fill the streets. Today is Tuesday. Mark is already by the door waiting for me to go out with him. Mark is my lovely dog. So I get my shoes on and go with Mark around the block. Spring is getting here, not as chilly as yesterday. Getting back inside the warm house I get mark his food and water. Now …

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