Stasi Wolf by David Young #BookReview

Stasi Wolf by David Young Cover

Stasi Wolf is a comeback of Karin Müller from the hands of David Young. Recently I had read Stasi Child, which I loved! So I had some high hopes for the next adventures of Detective Müller, which were definitely met. Have to admit I did not expect it to get my attention this much, but I finished it in one sitting, all 400 pages. Amazing! The same style and same Karin Müller view over East Germany life as a CID. I had to admit I was excited to see how her life would go on after Stasi Child. Of course, …

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Stasi Child by David Young #review

Stasi Child Book Cover

Stasi Child is an interesting thriller from David Young that starts with a body being found in East Berlin. We get in that world along with Karin Müller, the detective in charge of the investigation. And we soon learn it’s a tough world. Not many questions allow, and even fewer answers, as expected. The rhythm of the book is quite fast paced and nice to follow. We have two sides of the story that eventually meet up to reveal a dangerous story. Karin is a very good detective that wants to find the truth no matter what, and that proves …

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Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth #review

Carve the Mark Cover

A very exciting book from the author of the Divergent Series. Carve the Mark is set a new interesting world. We have nine planets, gifts, nations, war. A true page turner indeed. So I was interested to see how this book would turn out. A book filled with politics, diplomacy and murder. Isn’t it riveting? Secrets and oracles guide the characters through their fate. Some bound by it to actions they regret. They all possess gifts from the Universe they live in. Some are useful, some helpful, and some are painful, yet effective. We follow the action from two perspectives: Akos …

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The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor #review

Fire Hand Icon

1666. London is burning. That’s how the book starts. Soon we start investigating a murder. The novel is a slow-paced thriller with lots of twists. I liked it, to be honest. Even if it wasn’t as exciting as I thought. But the way the stories of the characters intertwine makes the book worthwhile. We journey across London and beyond. The ashes and ruin left by the fire haunt the whole action. It’s a story of a young man looking for a murderer. It’s a story of a young woman looking for her father. A story of a young man looking …

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Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi #review

Black Water Lilies Cover

It’s a very interesting thriller. This book is not your usual crime novel. A memory, a confession, murder, paintings, hope, happiness. It’s a puzzle as you’d expect. But a surprising one I admit. This is the story of obsession and crime. We start in a very funny way with our three women. A girl, a young woman and an old one and how their lives connect. It’s a story of art and how dangerous it can be. We find ourselves in Claude Monet’s Giverny in Normandy. With the beautiful scenery and the light that Monet valued so much. Along with …

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My Name is Red by Orhan Pamuk

My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk

I am a Corpse This is one of my favorite books and I had to write about it. My Name Is Red by Orhan Pamuk. It’s actually a detective book that starts with the chapter ”I am a Corpse”. So we see what happens seconds after the murder we will be investigating. The description of what the victim ‘feels’ is wonderfully portrayed. Then we can go and experience life in the 1590s Istanbul looking for our murderer. If you think the chapters ”I will be called a Murderer” help, well think again. All the chapters are made up of different …

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