5 Great Reasons to Learn German

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German is one of my favorite languages. I have started this blog in Berlin, as you know, under the spell that the city had on me. And I couldn’t be happier. I have been trying to learn German for years, even if not as successful as I’d hoped. But that has nothing to do with the language. So I decided to write about why I think German is an awesome language and why it’s worth learning it. Of course, these reasons are my personal opinion and definitely, there are more, or better ones, feel free to comment them below. Here we …

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Frank Weber (Short Story Series #8)

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Frank is a happily married man. He lives on the Northern Seashore in a little German village. Frank and his wife have owned a restaurant there for nearly two and half decades now. They have made a good name for themselves in the little community. Everybody had celebrated at least a birthday, wedding, or something in Frank’s little restaurant. They were happy there. His wife had taught half the village as she was a maths teacher. That’s how they ended up in this calm little community. Frank had come with his wife as he wished her to be happy with …

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Sebastian Schwarz (Short Story Series #7)

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Sebastian likes his life. He thinks he did well so far. He is one of the lucky ones, then got a job in the field he studied. Loved writing articles since high-school. So it was logical for him to follow the Journalism school. So he did. Amazing years those were. Now everything is more settled. But is that a good thing? Sebastian was never sure if this was really what he wanted. He lived in a beautiful Aachen, close to the German-Belgian-Dutch border. He always loved the mixture of peoples and languages about the city. Sebastian found it inspiring. You …

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Weekend in Berlin · Part 2

Alex Turn Berlin

Weekend in Berlin 2.0 Hallo und Willkommen! It’s time for the second part of the Berlin Top 10 Travel list. I hope you enjoyed the first part. Here goes part 2: Main locations: Berliner Dom and Museum Island, Alexanderplatz and The Fernseherturn, Nikolaiviertel The Berliner Dom is one of the most beautiful churches in Berlin. Coming from Unter den Linden Boulevard you’ll get soon close enough to spot the huge Berlin Cathedral on the Museum Island. Finished more than 100 years ago the imposing building overlooks the many museums filled with art and history from all over the world. They …

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Weekend in Berlin · Part 1

DDR Pass Berlin

Weekend in Berlin Hallo und Willkommen! As I said in the first article here, I wanted to extend a bit on my experience in Berlin. Berlin is a very interesting diverse city. Everywhere you look you see something fun, new, weird, interesting that gives the city the flavor that so many have fallen in love with. I almost think I have too. So I have decided to make it like a Top 10 Berlin List of locations to see. hoping that I might help you decide to go and visit as well and experience the best this city has to …

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So I’m trying to learn German

Reichstagsgebäude, Berlin

So I’ve been trying to learn German for some time now. I know I am not the only one that feels this is a struggle. For example: “Never knew before what eternity was made for. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German.” ― Mark Twain I have always been fascinated by this interesting complicated language. Maybe because it was so foreign. I am not sure actually. As I was learning French and English in school the feeling of German as the forbidden apple grew of course. I have learned Norwegian and Swedish and went to …

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