Elian Oliver Mirren (Short Story Series #10) #everydayinspiration

Scotia old map latin

He was finally sailing away. Barely escaped the hounds and the men sent after him. Was he crazy to run? Well, there was no way back now. Elian was a cartographer, former cartographer now, on the run. He had been with his master for the past 7 years. Plymouth had been a nice town to live and work in. He couldn’t complain much. But he mustn’t linger on the past. For three weeks we had been planning this. Even since he found the map he was hiding under his coat he knew he had to leave. It was in his …

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Mateus Ferreiro (Short Story Series #9)

Dutch sea beach photo

Mateus just arrived at his little cabin near the Dutch sea. He comes from Portugal. And he always dreamt of painting in The Netherlands. He finally made up the courage to do it. He’s traveled all over Spain and Portugal but he got tired of the same landscape, same people and same stories of those who asked him for a portrait. So he went out in the world. Mateus knew this wasn’t a big deal for many painters, but for him, it was a dream come trues. He had always been fascinated by the sea. Hearing it roar made him …

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Frank Weber (Short Story Series #8)

Beach Sea Waves Photo

Frank is a happily married man. He lives on the Northern Seashore in a little German village. Frank and his wife have owned a restaurant there for nearly two and half decades now. They have made a good name for themselves in the little community. Everybody had celebrated at least a birthday, wedding, or something in Frank’s little restaurant. They were happy there. His wife had taught half the village as she was a maths teacher. That’s how they ended up in this calm little community. Frank had come with his wife as he wished her to be happy with …

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Sebastian Schwarz (Short Story Series #7)

Aachen Clouds Sky Photo

Sebastian likes his life. He thinks he did well so far. He is one of the lucky ones, then got a job in the field he studied. Loved writing articles since high-school. So it was logical for him to follow the Journalism school. So he did. Amazing years those were. Now everything is more settled. But is that a good thing? Sebastian was never sure if this was really what he wanted. He lived in a beautiful Aachen, close to the German-Belgian-Dutch border. He always loved the mixture of peoples and languages about the city. Sebastian found it inspiring. You …

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Andreas Weiß (Short Story Series #6)

Lights in the Sky photo

Continued from #5 … Should he join a gym? That should give him more energy and activity for the evenings. He saw a new one open nearby and heard only good stuff about it. Some colleagues spoke highly about it. But in the meantime let’s enjoy this coffee. I love this place. I might turn it into my daily spot. Andreas had been searching for a new favorite coffee shop for a month now. He kept changing them. He didn’t know what he was looking for, but for sure, Vienna had to have a perfect coffee shop. She had to …

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Margarethe Vogel (Short Story Series #4)

Berlin trees people street

She is Margarethe. Herr Vogel was her husband. He is no more. She’s been alone for ten years now. But she is ok with it. She grew accustomed to her life alone after a while. Now, at 66 years of age, she is quite an old lady that has her routine and loves it. Every morning she goes to get her fresh bread from the corner bakery. She always praises the bakers. The second generation now. They are German now. Second generation. The old man came from Turkey years ago, before opening the store. She’s been a loyal customer from …

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Bliss. #everydayinspiration

Gourock Scotland Ski

Recently I have moved to Scotland and one of the reasons was the fact that it’s surrounded by the sea. I find it amazing to be able to go and take a walk along the shore and enjoy the sound of the waves. As the blog is also new I’ve been looking up ideas and pointers on how to express myself better. One of those is by commenting or showing a photo or an image that means Bliss for me. This is one of those. Having the chance to see it up close and to hear the movement of the …

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