Sapiens by Yuval Harari Book Review

Sapiens Book Cover

A permanent revolution

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari is an interesting history book. A book that I came across some weeks ago. It’s a historic view of the humankind and how we, as species came to be as we are today.

I found it to be a very interesting subject written in a very open-minded and clear way that lets you think. It presents various historical points of view and lets you decide which is the most likely reason something happened. Presenting the different standpoints other historical theories have allows for an objective view on the massive subject that is the history of humankind.

Presented in Hebrew in 2011 and then in English in 2014 the book is a very easy to follow a guide through history for anyone who wants to have a bigger picture of the world we live in today and why some things have happened the way they did.

by Yuval Harari
Homo Sapiens

Step by step

It has 4 parts that show the way Homo Sapiens evolved, revolutionising the previous version of themselves. Step by step we go with Sapiens through history sometimes wondering if that was the right choice. But always seeing the reasons and understanding that we cannot actually see history in any other way. That is without allowing it to become pure fiction.

What I found interesting was also the comparison between ancient and modern societies. Amazing and how little we have evolved, that is biologically basically not at all. Culturally we have changed things with great speed.

Although sometimes you feel that you need to read some passage again to make sure you understood it, the book is written in a way that actually explains a lot of the more complicated events. It has simple analogies or broken down version of the events told.

I can definitely recommend the book to anyone who wants a simple to read a history of the human race from the beginning until modern times. The book is a brief overview of the main events that shaped the history as we know it.

As it gives the feeling that you can understand Homo Sapiens, it also gives you the feeling that we are so unpredictable that you start thinking of how this history continues.

And for that I think that a good follow-up book is Homo Deus that I will review shortly. I believe is a natural continuation of the last pages of Homo Sapiens.

Hope you enjoy it.

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