The Revolving Door of Life #review

The Revolving Door of Life Cover

The Revolving Door of Life (44 Scotland Street) by Alexander McCall Smith

Found this book recently and I have to admit that the title winked at me.

It’s an interesting book. The start may be a bit weird, up to the point when you get used to the style. Basically, it is a book about different people, somehow connected. But we see glimpses of their lives and how they go about their days. All of it happens in Edinburgh.

Stories about moving house, teacher struggles, paintings, Dukes and much more find themselves in the pages of the book. It feels like a very down-to-earth book. Very real stories, and very real lives.

‘I believe in Scotland’ he said

It’s a book about Scotland. A book about how Scots view some aspects of life. Interesting insight into the Scottish life and problems and how they go about them.

Seems like you are reading real life stories and real events, and you feel that you walk through Edinburgh yourself. The issues are not very life-changing. But normal situations that people experience. Interesting. Simple. Funny. Real.

We also dive into the family life of people that struggle with work and children and social life. It’s funny to see the exchange between a mother and a daughter-in-law. And the beautiful relationship between a grandmother and her grandson, and how they discover each other.

It’s a book about Scottish open-mindedness and down-to-earth view on life and society. Some of the stories make you smile and some make you read them twice to understand the slang/accent.

With some feminist touches and Nudists Association troubles/politics, the book is full of comical situations.

The ending was a bit anticlimactic I have to admit. But the book is not about some breath-taking stories but normal, real life. So it was to be expected somehow.

Interesting view over Scotland I believe. Humorously written and a balanced book. All in all, I liked it.

Bis bald!



  1. I have to say a brilliant review which started well with your first line that made me smile! I really enjoy it when the author constructs a book around seemingly unrelated characters although I suspect it hard to pull it off successfully.

    1. Dacian says:


  2. Donna says:

    Great review of a very interesting book!

    1. Dacian says:

      Yes, thank you!

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