My ordinary morning (Short Story Series #1) #everydayinspiration

Rain Drops Street Car

The alarm clock made me jump up a bit. Usually, I wake up 2 minutes before that. The sun starts to light up the city. I get out of bed and go to check the window. The cars already fill the streets.

Today is Tuesday. Mark is already by the door waiting for me to go out with him. Mark is my lovely dog. So I get my shoes on and go with Mark around the block. Spring is getting here, not as chilly as yesterday.

Getting back inside the warm house I get mark his food and water. Now I can focus on myself. After I finish with the bathroom and picking my clothes for the day I go in the kitchen.

I love my cereal in the morning. The crunching sound relaxes me. I must remember to buy milk today. I’ll just add it to the list on my phone.


After I close the door I pop my headphones in and head for the station. I’ll have half hours of my time. I love this new album I’m listening too. Such boring news today in my feed. So I start looking around the Metro. Skip this song, I don’t feel like listening to it now. The lovely coffee I made today, two sugars and more milk than usual, gotta remember that.

Let’s see how the weather is gonna be today after work. Love that it’s getting warmer, and most importantly the days are longer.

This is my stop. So many people, I swear I don’t know where they all fit. Where’s the recycling bin for cups? They moved it. Awesome! I’ll just throw it out at work.

I love the way the buildings look in this morning light. Lemme just take a picture. Click. Almost out of storage, as usual. But the picture is nice.

Oh, there’s Joanne, how come you’re here so early? I think to myself.

We go in the building and I press the 7th-floor button on the elevator.

To be continued…


Bis bald!


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