My ordinary evening (Short Story Series #2) #everydayinspiration

Paisley Sky Street

Thursday. Almost weekend. I’m getting ready close everything on my work computer. My coat is ready, and so am I. I have a ton of shopping to do. And Mark will be waiting by the door, I’m sure. I remember filling his bowl this morning, but I’m never sure.

Oh how much I love to press the Down elevator button at the end of the day, going home.


The city is glowing with this evening sun. But the noise is killing the calm feeling. Where are my headphones? Ah, good… Missed these songs since this morning. Can’t get enough of this album.

I get up on the bus to my favorite store to get some groceries. I need milk because I forgot it for two days now. What else, hmm?

Finally, I got past the checkout and I’m off to the Metro heading home.

Feels like a Friday, but sadly there’s one more day to go. I like my job, but I like spending time with my dog more.

Someone told me, always say what’s on your mind
And I am only, being honest with you,
I I get lonely And make mistakes from time to time

I can hear Mark with the music on. Someone’s happy I’m back. Hey boy, were you ok? Perfect. Now let me just get ready for doing nothing the rest of the evening.

Got my Netflix show loading and in the meantime, I’m scrolling through my feed. No much happened since this morning. Like a few posts. Follow two blogs. Where’s that remote, I can’t hear anything?

It’s eight o’clock. I wanted to call mom. Hope she’s not busy.

Mum says Hello, Mark. Told her you said it back.

Gotta go and pick clothes for tomorrow, I’ll have no energy in the morning. It’s getting dark already. Should I take a photo of this beautiful dusk light?

Better get ready for bed. Mark is all right. Got my water bottle near the bed. Bit more scrolling in the dark and ready for Friday.

To be continued…

Bis bald!


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