Olivier Hayles (Short Story Series #16)

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Olivier Hayles was born near Toronto. But that was 25 years ago. He’s been living in Vancouver for a third of his life now. He came here to become a dancer. That was his joy and passion for as long as he can remember. So when he got the chance to study here he took it without looking back.

And it turns out it was a good choice. So far he had the best time of his life. Right after finishing school he got some nice collabs with some great artists. But his dream is still to be dancing in New York. Maybe it sounds cliché but Olivier still wants to do it. Maybe it would’ve been better to go to New York directly, but he had an amazing time in Vancouver so far. Sometimes he isn’t even sure if he still wants to go to New York. But he couldn’t sleep at night if he at least didn’t try to get some gigs in New York.

So he thought of getting some of his colleagues and friends to want to move there as well. It seemed to him it might be easier if you had someone to share the whole New Town experience with. And what a town that is. But so far he hasn’t made any definite plans. But as he already learned, best not to even plan stuff. Just do it. Just find some auditions, get on a plane and make it happen.

So far he had a friend living in New York and he plans on calling and just asking him to host Olivier for a while. And maybe use some of his friend’s connections around town. Plus he hasn’t visited New York for some time now. It’s been two years. Two busy years that is. He’s been dancing a lot lately and he might just take some months off. Just to enjoy New York. And a bit of Toronto. He should go by his folk before arriving in New York. His family still lives in Toronto.

Dancer Art DramaThey were so supportive of Olivier from the very beginning of his passion. All those lessons and auditions they took him too. They love visiting Vancouver too. They’ve been considering moving there altogether. Maybe that was another reason for Olivier to get on with the New York dream. Even though he loves them, still, living in the same city might be too much for him.

Olivier is one of those people who don’t need reassurance. He knows he’s gonna be able to find somewhere to dance in New York. Eventually. He always made his dreams come true. There’s no rush. As soon as he sets his mind to it, it must be easy. Just how Vancouver proved to be an amazing part of his life so far. He’s always going to look back with a smile thinking of Vancouver. And all his friends and gigs he had and still has here. But now it’s time to move on. Time to grow and step in the next stage in his career. New York, get ready for Olivier Hayles!

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