Mindfulness would be good for you. If it weren’t so selfish. via The Washington Post

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Again I know this isn’t what you are used to, but I wanted to diversify a bit the blog content. I found an interesting article regarding Mindfulness on The Washington Post and I really wanted to share it here as well. I find the concept ever so present in our books and many other materials that surround us lately.

Mindfulness, as popularly promoted and practiced, can itself be a distraction. It purports to draw on ancient traditions as an antidote to modern living. Yet it exacerbates the modern tendency toward navel-gazing, while asking us to resist useful aspects of our nature.

Snap judgments and “mindless” but superb performance are two such elements of our evolutionary endowment. Our nervous system — perhaps nature’s crowning achievement — evolved to discern figure from ground, to discriminate, to judge, often on an almost reflexive basis. And when we are fully absorbed in an activity, in a state of flow, it can be adaptive to lose self-awareness. A sure way to throw elite golfers off their game is to ask them to think aloud as they putt.

It is an interesting view of this phenomenon. Let me know what you think.

Source: Mindfulness would be good for you. If it weren’t so selfish. – The Washington Post

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