Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita Cover

Here’s another book review I think you’ll like.

I’m talking about Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. A controversial book, that is also the subject of other books.

I wanted to see what was so interesting about it. Here’s what I think about it.

It’s an interesting book. With a disputed topic: incest and pedophilia. At least that’s what I gathered from it. A psychological novel that makes you think and question your inner judge even. As it presents the development of a man from boy to father. From an unlucky sexual encounter to a life on the run. As we go along the life of our protagonist we read about his reasons and his logic. At times you even get the feeling you resonate with his struggles.


The style is definitely something to check out as the subject unfolds. From a literary stand point the book is a very interesting take on life, sexuality, freedom and love. It’s a combination of natural, cultural and societal barriers that we start to challenge.

As an confession, the book starts with the life of the boy who will later be a paradoxical man. Then moving to Lolita, the character around which the book revolves, we have to think about the possibilities she had renounced. How may her life have been different. Had she not agreed to the events, what would have happened? What is normal and what do we pin down in a specific box as acceptable?

I believe the book raises a lot of questions and make some arguments for some.


I do understand how the book can be controversial. But at the same time it opens the mind and lets the critical side to take over and take in arguments.



The book has been on TIME magazine’s top 100 best English-language books. I definitely think it’s worth a read when you feel like you need to see how a condemned mind might work. And how society has defined some rules, that some decide to evade.

A sexual book with a bit of travel through America. Controversy and society. I found it an engaging and intriguing book.

Let me know if you like it.

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  1. Nuwan Sen says:

    Interesting analysis.
    I love this book, and agree with how it is an “interesting take on life, sexuality, freedom and love. A combination of natural, cultural and societal barriers that we start to challenge”; and how it “opens ones mind and lets the critical side to take over and take in arguments”!! I agree with your points. It’s a really intellectual piece of literature. I just read it mid-last year.

    1. Dacian says:

      Thank you so much!

  2. da-AL says:

    I thought this was a great book — to me, it was not as much about sexuality as it was about getting into the mind of a person we might otherwise kid ourselves that we can’t relate to.

    While each of us has morals & values, all of us have within us good & bad.

    Did you know that Nabokov’s wife helped him quite a bit with writing this book via suggestions & editing?

    1. Dacian says:

      Interesting and yes very true! That is what I felt as well, by the end.
      Interesting fun fact, thanks!

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