Lise Nygaard (Short Story Series #13) #everydayinspiration

Painter Passion Art Red

Lise Nygaard is 10 years old and has really nothing to worry about. Her school grades are good enough that she can always enjoy having fun with her friends. Her parents let her be and encourage her to find something she is passionate about. But so far, nothing. Nothing sparked her interest. That was until yesterday.

Yesterday they went on a school trip. They went to the art museum in Humlebæk. She had been to other art museums, and history museums, but somehow yesterday she found it amazing. She had stood in front of a few paintings and stared at them for some time. And then she thought how nice it was for these painters to have their work displayed like this. And she imagined how fun it would be for her own name to be right there in the corner of her painting.

Lise lived her whole life in Denmark with her parents. They all loved it and sometimes they went on road trips around the country or down at the beach. Her parents asked her if she wanted to try to learn an instrument or do other artsy stuff but she did not feel like that was for her. But now there was something she wanted to try. Painting.

Painter Passion Art RedShe realised this on the way back from the Lousiana Museum. The place was so quirky and fun. And the nature all around it. Lise loved it. And so did many of her school mates. She couldn’t wait to get home and ask her parents for something to paint on and with. She had no idea what she would like to paint yet. But she thought there was no need to. It would come to her when she started.

Lise told her teacher if they could come back here next week. They had other activities planned for then so she had to talk her parents into coming here over the weekend. She wanted to see the place again. Lise wanted to enjoy the beautiful paintings again. She was so excited only at the thought of it.

So she was decided. She would become a painter. But what if she did not like it. Or got bored. Well, then she would not become a painter anymore. Who said she had to do anything?

Bis bald!



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