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Interesting German Word Construction | Schadenfreude

Interesting German Word Construction | Schadenfreude

I found an interesting video on Youtube that tries to explain some concepts from the German language. As you guys know I am trying to learn German (even if not very actively recently). I think that these types of videos help a lot in making the language (be it German or another) seem more fun and more interactive.

Here’s the video:

I find the term Schadenfreude very funny in a way – it means having joy at someone else’s fails, misfortune. And it seems very interesting how a very natural feeling that I am sure everybody felt at some point has a word in German. That’s what the video wants to portray, the fact that Germans tried to create these concepts that in many languages need lengthier expressions.

Anyways I thought it was an interesting thing to share with you and I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

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