So I’m trying to learn German

Reichstagsgebäude, Berlin

So I’ve been trying to learn German for some time now.

I know I am not the only one that feels this is a struggle. For example: “Never knew before what eternity was made for. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German.” ― Mark Twain

I have always been fascinated by this interesting complicated language. Maybe because it was so foreign. I am not sure actually.

As I was learning French and English in school the feeling of German as the forbidden apple grew of course.

I have learned Norwegian and Swedish and went to a Danish language summer school and have had contact with Scandinavia. But deep inside my head, there’s always been a little kobold (germ. for a goblin) that was saying something that I couldn’t understand.


I believe I have begun the process 2-3 times so far and somehow, life got between me and German. Be it a job, or exams or a trip there was something to do instead of learning.

I’ve tried of course many platforms among which Duolingo which is most easy to use I think, especially for beginners. Duolingo is an app for phones that is extremely easy to use and learn with. Also, I have used Rosetta Stone with their very interesting approach of learning as a child, without translating anything, forcing you to learn words as they are and to think in the target language, which I think is very useful. I have seen the effect of that with me learning English for example.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I’ve recently tried to keep myself from purchasing more grammar books until I use the one I have, keeping with the German made ones as much as possible as I believe they have the most experience with people trying to learn their language.

That’s of course not a very good case for me saying that German is so complicated and that’s the reason I can’t keep studying it.

So as the first post says, I was recently in the German capital, hipster Berlin and that, of course, was an incentive to keep trying.

As I have my new grammar book and the German dictionary at the ready I just need to have faith that I’ll understand the little kobold that’s pushing me to learn Deutsch.

And why can German be so frustrating?

It could be that some words have sounds that seem to be rushing out simultaneously with others – although that’s nothing compared with Chinese. Eichhörnchen has always seemed to be the culmination of typical German ”fun” words to try to say. I’ll let you guys try, and see the meaning as well.

The grammar at first seems very straight forward, as it’s very rule based, with clear words and structures. I believe that some of the structures are to blame, as you have to make sure you said if you started the sentence with rufen, don’t forget the an at the end, which together form the particle verb anrufen – to call. Say what?

Those are just to give some examples that have stuck to my mind.


Of course that German is an easy language for many many people as it’s grammar can be simple compared to others and the vocabulary is mostly build up from shorter words so you can guess the meaning of a new word.

All in all this is what I think of learning German and why it can be a struggle.

More to come along the way as I’ll try and update the blog with my progress, hoping there will be one soon.




  1. ka malana says:

    Best Wishes on learning German! It’s good to have a basis in other languages as you do. I think you’ve got a great start. Your blog looks great, too!

    1. Thank you so much!
      Making progress 😀

  2. da-AL says:

    they say the best thing for the brain is learning a new language! I already feel smarter just by reading your post 🙂

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