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Hillary Clinton

I recently saw an interview with Hillary Clinton regarding her last year presidential campaign. You can read it here. The BBC has also made an interesting timeline about her over here. I find both very interesting. Even if I don’t live in the US we can all agree that who is US president affects the whole world. Whether they want it or not.

I remember last year before the end of the campaign I got a copy of Hillary Clinton’s Hard Choices: A Memoir and I have to admit I was impressed. I think I had already decided that Trump was never going to win the election. So I wanted some insight into the most probable winner. Well, how things changed.

Hillary Clinton Hard Choices Book coverThe book is very interesting indeed as it portrays her time as Secretary of State and many of her travels in that capacity. Meetings and many information of how that part of the government works. It also has many of the struggles and hard choices needed to be made. It presents the team she worked with and how much of an influence she had on the global scale at that time. I found it inspiring and very beautiful. Worth a read if you are into that kind of memoir.

Back to her latest comment. I find it fascinating that people can be won over or turned away so easily. Especially when we’re talking about such an important choice I do have to wonder if that alone could’ve shifted the masses. Even if she won the popular vote by three million. As she says it was not just that but it was a turning point indeed. So we have to think then that even though ideas and concepts are behind a candidate, plans and philosophies can fail miserably to breaking news and meticulously placed and timed information. Scary right?

I still think though that she made a change in the American society and not only, even though many female leaders have proved themselves more than worthy leaders throughout Europe (see Angela Merkel and others). It’s interesting to see how the world will continue to react to candidates that play with the sensational propaganda, rather than real actual and factual plans. And how many will let themselves fooled by populism? We already see that many in Europe reject this type of politics.

I wasn’t planning to get this blog into politics. I will try not to, but I wanted to share my views regarding this particular topic.

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