Hazel Morrison-Scott (Short Story Series #15)

Army Soldiers Boots Marching

Hazel is 28 years old. She lived in Edinburgh most of her life. Right after her parents moved here from London when she was 7. She fell in love with Scotland right away. Made a lot of friends and still enjoy living here more than anywhere else.

But today she has to do something she always hates doing. Share. She has a speech prepared and she always dreads them. There’s a conference today she was happy to sign up for, but as the days got closer she had second thoughts. You see, the conference is held by her foundation. A foundation she set up shortly after her husband become a war hero. And left her a widow. That was a few years ago.

But the wound is still there and talking about it helps. But not as much as she’d hope id would. And the foundation is there just so that no one would have to go through this ever again. Hazel knows it’s a big endeavour but it keeps her busy.

Her family was there for her more than she even expected. The press too. But still, she has to live with it. And move on. And she started to. Slowly. And now she started writing a book. She was very against the idea for a long while.

Light Dark Photo Art StreetBut now that everything seems more settled she finally agreed to give into her best friend’s idea of a memoir. And she never thought it would get this difficult. Again, that is. But she sees the book as therapy. Another form of it.

Over the years it’s gotten easier to get up and to talk about. Especially where it matters, where it gets people thinking and reconsidering their support for some governmental plans. And her foundation had helped many families just like hers. At least she has that to be proud of, that in her lowest she managed to get something done.

For a while, she even thought of moving away from Edinburgh. But she knew she couldn’t. With all the memories on the little streets and plans, she and her husband had. She could not leave them behind. But of course, she wishes every day this hadn’t happened. But she has learned already she must move on. Not as easy as one would think.

Anyway, her cab arrived at the conference. Here we go again, Hazel thought. Smile and just be honest. This shouldn’t take long. Then you can go home and finish that chapter already. Do it for him! Do it for you!

Bid bald!


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