Forget “learning a language.” Focus on the habit. via Fluent in 3 months

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So I found another amazing article I wanted to share with you over here.

It’s about one of my favourite subjects, learning a language. As you know I’m a language learning enthusiast. I’ve been trying to learn German, although unsuccessfully lately, along with rememorating my French knowledge. Anyways. I’ve always been fascinated by How we learn, and Why.

So I found this great article on an amazing website called Fluent in 3 Months. Awesome all over. Amazing people write over there and you can learn a great deal about different cultures and language. Also, you find delightful and amazing people talking about their language learning experiences.

This article, in particular, focuses on making it easier to stick to learning rather than the learning itself. That is what I find always difficult; staying focused on one particular language or making sure the progress is continued and steadily sustained.

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Basically, the main idea is to try to bend your own subconscious and actions to meet the required rigour of sticking with a language. Or any learning process for that matter. I found it amazing, and very much an eye opener.

The truth is, most people will never learn a new language not because the language itself is too difficult or they’re not smart enough… but because they can’t get themselves to practice the language consistently.
They haven’t learned how to assimilate language learning into a habit.
What is a Habit?
Habits are the key to behaviour change.
When you form a habit, you won’t have to get “motivated” to do something. You won’t have to use willpower or “force” yourself and get it done.
Think about how it feels to go to bed without brushing your teeth. It feels wrong. You feel like your day isn’t complete — and you’ll even drag yourself out of bed to do it, despite being tired.

I really think it is useful and making it easy to understand why we can’t keep up with something that we want to like and keep doing. I know I definitely find myself in that situation and I will definitely try to use these tools.

Cue, Routine and Reward seem to be so simple and yet it should be so effective due to the simplicity. Our minds are such an amazingly complex instrument and yet so many people study it and find that we are simple creatures at times. Even if we don’t want to admit it. It’s interesting to see how these studies can improve language learning as well.

Let me know if you give it a go and if it works for you.

Source: Forget “learning a language.” Focus on forming the habit. – Fluent in 3 months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips

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