My Extraordinary Weekend (Short Story Series #3) #everydayinspiration

By | 11th March 2017

Good, so I have everything I need. Keys, water, music… hm, Mark is ready. And very exited about today. I think he knows we’re going for a walk on the beach. He’s such a smart dog.

It’s Saturday. Finally weekend. I’ve been thinking about today for days now. Had a coffee with my friend this morning. Mark was all over the place, so much energy. I can’t blame him. She was going to a movie later.

So here we go. Turn off my phone. I want to enjoy everything with my own eyes today. No interruptions. Got my camera in case there’s something beautiful along the way. There usually is. Sun is up. Bit windy but I love it.

We’re ready then Mark, let’s go. It’s gonna be a half hour walk to the woods, then twenty minutes to the beach. I’d rather walk the whole way there.

I’ll pop in one headphone in case Mark get’s too noisy. Lot’s of people outside. With this weather it’s only natural.

There were some folk who looked lost so when they asked me I pointed them towards the close-by church. They’ve been searching on a weird old map. They had a funny accent.

I’m almost there. I can hear the weaves. The wood was amazing. Took a couple of snapshots along a new route I tried today.

They opened the ice-cream stand already. Perfect. Time for Mark to roam free, and me to enjoy my ice-cream.

Less joggers than expected today. I can enjoy the view. I’ll pop in the second headset to hear the music.

Great weather today, I have to admit. So glad I decided to come. Should I check my phone? No! I said I won’t.

Let’s listen to the waves a bit. I stop the music and take the headphones out of my ears. I can never get enough of this. How can people stay away from the sea? It’s so calming, even when it’s wild, for me at least.

Mark’s running over here. Tired, boy? We’ll get back soon, ok? Wanna come back tomorrow too? We’ll see.

Time to head back. I have an idea for a great meal this evening.

Such a great Saturday.

Hope you enjoyed the first three parts of this (very) short story series.

Bis bald!


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