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The Elephant House in Edinburgh #HarryPotter

The Elephant House in Edinburgh #HarryPotter

I know this might seem like a weirder/random post, but I wanted to share this place with you guys as well.

On my most recent trip to Edinburgh, about which you can read, here, and here, I’ve been to the Birthplace of Harry Potter. The Elephant House, the coffee shop where JK Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter books.

The Elephant House Edinburgh Interior
The Elephant House Edinburgh Interior

I just wanted to see that place, it’s been on my mind and was planning to go there on the first Edinburgh trip.

It’s an interesting little coffee-house, fills like someone’s living room. Very cosy, full, with a great view of the castle out the window. But cute and nice altogether. The toilets are filled with writings on the wall from Harry Potter fans.

Little Elephant

I found it heartwarming and hope you guys do too if you ever find yourselves there. Harry Potter fans will love it.

Bis bald!


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