A Darker State by David Young #BookReview

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The body of a teenage boy is found weighted down in a lake. Karin Müller, newly appointed Major of the People’s Police, is called to investigate. But her power will only stretch so far, when every move she makes is under the watchful eye of the Stasi.

Then, when the son of Müller’s team member goes missing, it quickly becomes clear that there is a terrifying conspiracy at the heart of this case, one that could fast lead Müller and her young family into real danger.

A Darker State indeed. Need I say more? Well, yeah. Couldn’t wait to get my hands on the new Karin Müller book from David Young. Third, after A Stasi Child and A Stasi Wolf, we’ve got a new investigation à la Karin Müller on our hands.

We begin shortly after the last adventure. And I can say I’ve missed Karin and her exciting, yet dangerous job. Interesting turn of events from the start. We get right into the workings of the mighty Republik. The sun seems to start shining, but as usual, it has a grey tint surrounding it #communism.

We see a lot more of Jonas Schmidt, the Kriminaltechniker, and of course, Tilsner and Müller get back to their exciting jobs. We’ve got the ever so watchful eye of the Stasi, in case you’ve missed it.

As we step into the details of the murder we feel Karin’s complications at home weigh her down, Jonas’ home life doesn’t seem to be perfect either. I loved that we got into some intriguing details over there.

“It felt easy, comfortable, slipping back into the old routine. She and Tilsner working together. “

A Darker State by David Young Cover

Mystery and a hush-hush attitude all over, as we expect in East Germany, no matter how high up the issues go. Very interesting and gripping for sure. Loved the engaging direction of the story. If you forget for a second you are in the ‘70s in East Germany some scenes give you a warm feeling. Cute and fulfilling. Until you go to the next page. But even more exciting.

And just as you can see the pretty, cute, happy maybe, picture ever more clearly you notice its fading away. So annoying right? Yet it makes reading the book faster. Awesome! A lot of stuff happening. Information and decisions coming from higher up. All of it filling up like a balloon. Who knows what might burst out of it?

You get to scare here and there throughout the book. It has that fast-paced rhythm we came to enjoy before. Even though some scenes seem a bit too easy, rushed, unnatural?; the overall feeling is amazing.

The impossibility of doing things and of knowing things let alone asking things gets on your nerves as it should-awesome. The forever feeling that “perhaps she was getting too near the truth”.

You have to remember it’s fiction, but a good one, that it might as well be true, especially if you enjoy the world Karin Müller lives. Overall I am terribly happy with it and cannot wait for the next one in the series.

Let me know what you think and if you’ve read the first two books of the series.

Bis bald!


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