Conclave by Robert Harris #BookReview

The Pope is dead.
Behind the locked doors of the Sistine Chapel, one hundred and eighteen cardinals from all over the globe will cast their votes in the world’s most secretive election.
They are holy men. But they have ambition. And they have rivals.
Over the next seventy-two hours, one of them will become the most powerful spiritual figure on earth.

I am talking about Conclave by Robert Harris, a book I heard about recently. As you might already know, I have something that draws me to this types of books. Yet again, we find ourselves in Rome, in the midst of a Papal Conclave that will decide the next leader of the biggest Church on Earth.

Dramatic from the very start. Extremely fast paced, even though it spans over a few days, without much action. We follow the Dean of the College of Cardinals in leading the election.

Conclave by Robert Harris

I love the intricacies of Vatican politics and the bureaucracy of it all. Filled with politics, pride, and secrets of course. Betrayals and terror attacks, all can and eventually will influence the vote of the 118 cardinals who came to Rome.

I found Cardinal Lomeli as a very interesting character with a clever mind. I loved how we follow his stream of consciousness and feel how the struggle of the role and importance of the moment weigh on him.

Conclave by Robert Harris

A very subjective view, at times, scared, at times proud, at times full of hope. A book that can be devoured in one or two seatings. And definitely, keeps you on your toes until the very last pages. I loved it. Witty, well-written, interesting and more.

Definitely worth checking out. Let me know what you think of it.

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