Andreas Weiß (Short Story Series #20)

So let’s continue with Andreas’ story in Salzburg. The last one was over here. After the weekend with his ex-wife and all their friends, Andreas needed a break. The whole exhibition went perfect and he was happy for Emma, she finally had her dream come true. So he did his duty as a friend, but now it’s Andreas time. He remembered a beautiful, almost hidden, book store near his hotel, so he decided to take a walk over. Little did he know how much joy would that bring to his life. The book store had expanded a bit and added …

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David M. Watson (Short Story Series #19)

Sunset Mountain Water Artsy Photo

David just moved to Scotland. He lives near Edinburgh. He has come here all the way from across the pond. He made the return trip his ancestors did not. He lived all his life in Seattle before deciding to make a drastic change. He was always interested in history and his personal family history. He made sure he knew as much as possible about how and why his family had decided to come by to the States all those years ago. And somehow he wanted to see the places they saw. Even if the Scotland they left has almost nothing …

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Micaela Baresi (Short Story Series #18)

Restaurant Artsy Light Tables

Micaela Baresi lives in Buenos Aires. She moved here right after high school. After she finished university she started working in an Italian restaurant with her best friend. They both enjoy that place a lot. And recently Micaela started helping out in the kitchen as well. She wants to learn as much as she can. She’s always been interested in Italian food, and Italy in general. She, along with many other people from Argentina has ancestors that moved here from Italy. She remembers her grandmother talking in Italian when she was little. But she can barely remember any words. That …

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Phil Murray (Short Story Series #17)

Books Pages Red Collage

Phil Murray has lived in Glasgow most of his life. Except for a few years when he lived in Edinburgh. But he was always glad to come back up here. His favourite part of Glasgow is the friendly people and the weather for some reason. His wife never understood that. But he found it inspirational. You see, Phil is a writer. Always has been. Ever since he finished school he started writing. And has enjoyed a nice and steady income at that. His third novel just finished the book tour around Scotland so he decided to continue with his fourth. His …

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Olivier Hayles (Short Story Series #16)

New York Artsy Dawn Sky Black and White

Olivier Hayles was born near Toronto. But that was 25 years ago. He’s been living in Vancouver for a third of his life now. He came here to become a dancer. That was his joy and passion for as long as he can remember. So when he got the chance to study here he took it without looking back. And it turns out it was a good choice. So far he had the best time of his life. Right after finishing school he got some nice collabs with some great artists. But his dream is still to be dancing in …

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Hazel Morrison-Scott (Short Story Series #15)

Army Soldiers Boots Marching

Hazel is 28 years old. She lived in Edinburgh most of her life. Right after her parents moved here from London when she was 7. She fell in love with Scotland right away. Made a lot of friends and still enjoy living here more than anywhere else. But today she has to do something she always hates doing. Share. She has a speech prepared and she always dreads them. There’s a conference today she was happy to sign up for, but as the days got closer she had second thoughts. You see, the conference is held by her foundation. A …

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Anaïs Colbert (Short Story Series #14)

Irish Bar Photography

Anaïs loves Dublin. That’s why she decided to stay here after she finished Uni. She comes from Northern France, but she fell in love with the Irish capital. She came here a few years back to study for a while and then decided she wanted to call this place home, for some time at least. Anaïs made friends right away and loved the overall vibe of the city. She can’t get enough of the hidden pubs and narrow streets she visits. Anaïs took up learning photography since she moved here and finds the place amazing. As soon as there’s a bit of sun on …

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