Dean Village, Edinburgh, Scotland #Travel

Dean Village, Edinburgh

Hey again from Edinburgh. Told you guys I was going back 🙂 Well, this time I walked around in some other areas of the beautiful Scottish capital. And I wanted to share another amazing place with you all. Just so inviting, even with all the walking involved. I am talking about the Dean Village. Close to the city centre, a nice walk is enough to get there. And you’ll be amazed. Amazing building and such a cosy feeling all over. A quiet area that was an actual village, now a part of Edinburgh. Such an amazing place to see and …

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The Elephant House in Edinburgh #HarryPotter

I know this might seem like a weirder/random post, but I wanted to share this place with you guys as well. On my most recent trip to Edinburgh, about which you can read, here, and here, I’ve been to the Birthplace of Harry Potter. The Elephant House, the coffee shop where JK Rowling wrote some of the Harry Potter books. I just wanted to see that place, it’s been on my mind and was planning to go there on the first Edinburgh trip. It’s an interesting little coffee-house, fills like someone’s living room. Very cosy, full, with a great view …

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Beautiful Edinburgh Trip Part 2 #Travel

Edinburgh Castle Amazing

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of my latest Edinburgh Trip. Let’s get to the next part then, with some more interesting stuff to see and photos to enjoy. As I said before, there are many interesting narrow streets and alleys you can find and ‘enjoy’ climbing up. Advocate’s Close is one of them. Just amazing! Then we need to get to one of the most photographed and important attractions of Edinburgh. The Castle. As it’s so popular you’ll have to get across the great sea of people who want to get there. It’s stunning though. But I also …

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Beautiful Edinburgh Trip Part 1 #Travel

Amazing Edinburgh

It’s been a while since I wrote about any new beautiful place I’ve seen. Well, as I’ve been in Scotland for some time now, I think it was only natural I go and visit its capital as well. And good thing I finally did, because I had been wanting to go and see what people had been so mesmerized by. But I have to say they’re right. It’s amazing! Beautiful and full of tourists, and I can understand them now. Wasn’t expecting that many people though. At the beginning of August, I set course for Edinburgh, one hour or so away …

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Troon Beach #ScottishSummer #AmazingScotland

Troon Beach in the Rain

Very quick post guys. Like a normal day, the sun was up and the weather seemed amazing last weekend. So I had decided that I wanted to go to the sea. In Troon. I had been before. And it was awesome. But of course that the weather knew better and decided to have a bit of fun. It was still a nice walk along the beach. Much more people than I had expected. Still, I think Scotland is an amazing place and you have to come check it out. Even if it’s raining. Bis bald! IbD

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Phil Murray (Short Story Series #17)

Books Pages Red Collage

Phil Murray has lived in Glasgow most of his life. Except for a few years when he lived in Edinburgh. But he was always glad to come back up here. His favourite part of Glasgow is the friendly people and the weather for some reason. His wife never understood that. But he found it inspirational. You see, Phil is a writer. Always has been. Ever since he finished school he started writing. And has enjoyed a nice and steady income at that. His third novel just finished the book tour around Scotland so he decided to continue with his fourth. His …

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Hazel Morrison-Scott (Short Story Series #15)

Army Soldiers Boots Marching

Hazel is 28 years old. She lived in Edinburgh most of her life. Right after her parents moved here from London when she was 7. She fell in love with Scotland right away. Made a lot of friends and still enjoy living here more than anywhere else. But today she has to do something she always hates doing. Share. She has a speech prepared and she always dreads them. There’s a conference today she was happy to sign up for, but as the days got closer she had second thoughts. You see, the conference is held by her foundation. A …

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