5 Great Reasons to Learn French

paris french flag

As you guys know, I am in love with languages in general, and some of them in particular. I have studied French in school for many years, and recently I wanted to rekindle that knowledge. And I wanted to remind myself why French is such a great language to know. And I want to share those reasons with you. Of course, there are other reasons as well, but these are some of my favorites. Here we go: 1. French is a beautiful language Just listen to it. 🙂 It’s simple. Now really, it had an amazing pronunciation and sound even …

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5 Great Reasons to Learn Spanish

se habla espanol

I believe Spanish is one of the most important languages of the world today. I myself have some knowledge of Spanish and I wanted to think of some reasons why Spanish is useful. All of the below are my own personal opinion, of course, but the reasons why Spanish is useful don’t stop there. Let me know what you think of the reasons I picked and what else can be added to the list. Here we go: 1. Spanish is beautiful Alongside French, Spanish is an amazingly musical, sweet language. It sounds very beautiful and learning Spanish will let you …

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5 Great Reasons to Learn German

deutsch wort

German is one of my favorite languages. I have started this blog in Berlin, as you know, under the spell that the city had on me. And I couldn’t be happier. I have been trying to learn German for years, even if not as successful as I’d hoped. But that has nothing to do with the language. So I decided to write about why I think German is an awesome language and why it’s worth learning it. Of course, these reasons are my personal opinion and definitely, there are more, or better ones, feel free to comment them below. Here we …

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Forget “learning a language.” Focus on the habit. via Fluent in 3 months

Paper, Colour

So I found another amazing article I wanted to share with you over here. It’s about one of my favourite subjects, learning a language. As you know I’m a language learning enthusiast. I’ve been trying to learn German, although unsuccessfully lately, along with rememorating my French knowledge. Anyways. I’ve always been fascinated by How we learn, and Why. So I found this great article on an amazing website called Fluent in 3 Months. Awesome all over. Amazing people write over there and you can learn a great deal about different cultures and language. Also, you find delightful and amazing people talking …

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One Early Morning by Virginia Baily #BookReview

Early One Morning by Virginia Baily

A very interesting book. Amazing start, sending shivers down your spine from the first pages. Good writing indeed. I’m talking about Early One Morning by Virginia Baily. Amazing storytelling and great and powerful characters. Rome, October 1943 We start in a Nazi invaded Rome. A story that makes you think what would you do in that situation. And how would you move past it? A city and a beginning tormented by bombs, fear and “rubble”. I have to say again – amazing style of writing! You move back and forth from war era to a lifetime away. Questions and doubts haunting …

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Where do I get my inspiration from?

Inspiration on the Web

How do you get your inspiration? You don’t have to be a blogger to need inspiration. Finding inspiration to blog is not easy sometimes. Or is that just me? Besides writing book reviews I wanted this blog to have other types of articles as well. But of course, that is something I have to work on. So I decided to list some of the tools I use to inspire future travel plans, books to read, articles to write and so on. Travel I’ll start with the travelling part; as the blog started while travelling and was inspired by it I still …

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Interesting German Word Construction | Schadenfreude

Language Learning Paper Notebook

I found an interesting video on Youtube that tries to explain some concepts from the German language. As you guys know I am trying to learn German (even if not very actively recently). I think that these types of videos help a lot in making the language (be it German or another) seem more fun and more interactive. Here’s the video: I find the term Schadenfreude very funny in a way – it means having joy at someone else’s fails, misfortune. And it seems very interesting how a very natural feeling that I am sure everybody felt at some point has …

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