Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth #review

Carve the Mark Cover

A very exciting book from the author of the Divergent Series. Carve the Mark is set a new interesting world. We have nine planets, gifts, nations, war. A true page turner indeed. So I was interested to see how this book would turn out.

A book filled with politics, diplomacy and murder. Isn’t it riveting? Secrets and oracles guide the characters through their fate. Some bound by it to actions they regret.

They all possess gifts from the Universe they live in. Some are useful, some helpful, and some are painful, yet effective.

We follow the action from two perspectives: Akos and Cyra. The relationship between them is entertaining and intriguing. They are perfect opposites at times and somehow their relationship shapes the fate of the book.

Gift versus burden

Cyra is likeable even though she’s not your normal young woman. But she is strong and ready to overcome what fate has given her. Akos himself is struggling to understand how Fate has decided to take so much away from him. Pain and power guide them through the pages of the book and make it captivating.

It’s a world of space travel and modern medicine, yet fully entangled in religion and tradition. The societies are interesting and it’s amazing to see how they deal with each other. 

The book is very well written and makes you think of how easy you can lose something (or someone). Yet you do understand how much that changes someone. Sometimes for the better, but many times for worse.

Exciting ending as well, leaves open some questions that I can’t wait to get answers for. I understand there’s going to be a second part to this book and I am excited to see how it goes.

I also like the portrayal of different languages and different cultural elements and how they affect the lives of the characters. Engaging from beginning to end I think.

There’s a very nice rhythm throughout the book. Curious how the world would look like in a cinema. The colours and ambience of the world are something amazing. I think it’s definitely worth reading.

Bis bald!


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