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Book versus Ebook | Which one’s for you?

Book versus Ebook | Which one’s for you?

I just saw a report on the BBC regarding book sales. Read it here. It basically says that paper books have gained a lot in sales recently taking away from the ebook market. The question paper book versus ebook has come up many times. That made me think of a similar type of report from a few years ago when it was the other way around.

Interesting how these things change. But I think that however much the digital reading industry is going to invest in marketing, the paper book is here to stay. I just know that I am not the only one that loves that new paper book smell and the feeling you get when you flip through it. Kindles and other ebook readers are a genius invention for sure. They are indeed very practical and perfect for travel. But I don’t see myself switch over to Ebooks for good.

Book versus Ebook
Book versus Ebook

And I believe that I am not alone in this. As the report states children’s books benefited the most from this; even though they have access to technology that none of us had a few years back.

The article also mentions the Danish concept of hygge helping books sales, adding again to the fact that it’s always cozier to hold the actual book when you want to fell, well, cozy. And for me, if there’s an important book I want to read, maybe from a favorite author, I’d rather go ahead and buy the paper copy so that I really feel like I have the book. Even though the ebook version would present me with the same words.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my view on this matter of book versus ebook. Let me know what you think.

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