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Bliss. #everydayinspiration

Bliss. #everydayinspiration

Recently I have moved to Scotland and one of the reasons was the fact that it’s surrounded by the sea. I find it amazing to be able to go and take a walk along the shore and enjoy the sound of the waves. As the blog is also new I’ve been looking up ideas and pointers on how to express myself better. One of those is by commenting or showing a photo or an image that means Bliss for me.

This is one of those. Having the chance to see it up close and to hear the movement of the water makes me feel happy and glad I made the choice to come to Scotland. I do believe people are very lucky here, with this amazing scenery, right by their front door. Even if the weather is… interesting to say the least, I still love being able to live near the sea (or at least much closer than before).

Basically this is all I wanted to share today guys. Hope you enjoyed the photo as much as I do.

Bis bald!


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  • What a beautiful place to live! I grew up near the ocean but now live in the middle of the United States. I always thought I was miss it but I don’t. There are so many large rivers and lakes where I live that I have learned to find beauty and comfort there. However, when I do get the chance to be near the ocean, it really is marvelous 🙂

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