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Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi #review

Black Water Lilies by Michel Bussi #review

It’s a very interesting thriller. This book is not your usual crime novel. A memory, a confession, murder, paintings, hope, happiness. It’s a puzzle as you’d expect. But a surprising one I admit. This is the story of obsession and crime.

We start in a very funny way with our three women. A girl, a young woman and an old one and how their lives connect. It’s a story of art and how dangerous it can be.

We find ourselves in Claude Monet’s Giverny in Normandy. With the beautiful scenery and the light that Monet valued so much. Along with the water lilies that made him fill dozens of canvases. It’s a world of Monet and those that understood his art.

Nothing is left to chance

We have art collectors, adulterers, jealous husbands. It’s a story of how much someone can love and hurt. Those 13 days of retracing and replicating a life and a murder make us doubt who we think did it.

We feel the passion of the coup de foudre and the way it affects the lives of the characters. We can only feel annoyed by their actions and how they act. What could’ve happened?

We learn about Monet. We learn how much losing someone can affect one. And we become one with the one that sees it all, from the witch’s tower. We follow the investigation feeling that we know more. But then we get a shocking truth. And how simple it all was.


All three share a secret

The book is beautifully written and leaves traces all over the events from the very beginning. We get the instruction only by the end of course, but it’s exciting to try to put them together before.

We see the times change and how the little French village is affected by its influence in the world of Impressionism.

Neptune, the ever-present dog follows all the action and sees all. If only he could tell us how it all really happened.

And I believe the end is marvelous. The last pages of the book are so captivating that you even forget of the not so fast paced events so far. It’s definitely a book worth reading. You’ll feel in France for those 350 pages and you’ll love the artsy atmosphere hanging about the characters.

Definitely worth checking out! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Bis bald!


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