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I have already said what inspires me to write and that I want to keep doing it. To write about what I read, to write about random stuff and some of my own short stories. But I’ve been thinking about writing, blogging in general, even before I started my own blog.

I had been blogging randomly a long time ago when blogging wasn’t so big yet. But I stopped. And recently, as things change, life goes on, I remembered how good it felt. Writing is an amazing tool. Therapy like. Personal and unique. Awesome way to express whatever it is that bugs you. At least that’s what I found.

I am glad I decided to start this blog. It became an awesome place for me to express myself. Be it only to tell the world what book I picked up lately. But while that is the main point of it, it’s only a part of it. I find it useful to pour many other feelings into it. And it’s so easy.

No matter how business focused and money centred this internet corner becomes, blogging is still about having a personal journal online. You cannot escape your personal bias, view, opinion in the articles you create. And that’s amazing I believe. I’ve seen a lot of articles about blogging and how fun it can be, and how much money can be made out of it. But I think it’s first and foremost a release valve into the world of your innermost thoughts.

Letting go of frustration is best for one’s mental health. Even if you don’t realise, having somewhere or someone to let go to is necessary. Especially in our world. Maybe having so many options of expression can leave one without a proper option for expression. If that makes sense to anyone but me.

Writing, Blog, Art
Writing, Blog, Art

So now, on the more profitable part of blogging. Blogging has become a great monetization tool. Countless articles on how to make it in this world of countless bloggers. And the easier it is to write, to blog, the harder it is to blog well. But as long as you remember that it’s not only about that, you’ll be just fine.

As long as blogging is used for something you really like, other perks are just bonus material. The main point of a blog is, I think, to find your voice, in writing, or on YouTube as a vlogger. Or whichever platform you choose. Talking, writing, sending thoughts into the void, helps a million. Just hearing or reading your own thoughts will help you evaluate them better. And improve, or at least understand more about yourself.

Anyway, the main point is I like blogging a lot. Be it about the awesome books I come across or random stories that pop into my mind. Or the amazing place Scotland is, or whatever place I might visit. I am glad I have this platform to help clear my mind from time to time. I hope you like reading my random stuff too.

Let me know what you think of this, if you have a blog as well, or like reading blogs.

Bis bald!


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