Andreas Weiß (Short Story Series #5)

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His name is Andreas. And he wants to find something to do. Not that he doesn’t have a job. He does. A good one, one might say. But that is not enough for him. He wants to do something more interesting.

He has been divorced for two years now. Sometimes he misses being married. Not his wife, just the being married part. They had their good times. But that was some while ago. It was Andreas who wanted the divorce. Emma herself felt the same way, thought Andreas. Almost. It was a bit of a shock for her. But it passed now. She went back to Salzburg. Andreas kept the apartment in Vienna. It was an easy agreement.

Andreas kept going to school, where he worked like nothing happened. Not much changed in his life, he thought. And maybe that’s why it was a good idea. If nothing changed after the relationship ended, what was the point of it anyhow?

So here he was, back to his usual coffee and croissant for lunch. Reading the news, on his iPad. How times changed. For centuries the coffee shop had been full of people with newspapers, books. Now they didn’t have enough plugs for the iPhones, iPads, iTechnology to charge up. He should start getting the paper version, thought Andreas. Like that was going to make everything much more interesting.

Should he get a dog? He always wanted one. Emma said they couldn’t, because of her ‘’lovely’’ cat. Andreas and the cat could never get along. He did not hate cats. But he liked dogs. But will Andreas have time for a dog? They’re a lot of work. Especially until they get along and they get into the new rhythm. Something to consider, in a few months maybe.

He wasn’t depressed. Nor unhappy with the new life. All his friends were shocked when he told them about the divorce. They seem the picture-perfect couple for years. But here he was, 32 years of age, divorced, and happy. Or at least he wasn’t unhappy.

His therapist reassured him it’s normal, after a divorce to feel like you have no clue where you’re heading. Like that’s reassuring. So what was he to do? Find a hobby? Travel? They traveled, Emma and himself, in the beginning. They saw most of Europe. That memory will always bring a smile.

They remained friends. Emma and Andreas. As much as one can stay friends with an ex, that is. They didn’t have much in common anymore. That’s life, people say. Andreas wasn’t very impressed.

But he still thought he needed to do something. Something fun. Exciting. Reading was no longer doing it. And teaching Biology, even if you love it, has its limitations in the fun department. Should he learn a new language? A friend was setting up a new course at the university. Can he still learn a new language? He’s going to have to talk to Esma about it. She loves to teach. But what if he doesn’t like it. Esma will understand anyhow. But still, he didn’t feel like that was going to do it.

To be continued…

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