Andreas Weiß (Short Story Series #20)

So let’s continue with Andreas’ story in Salzburg. The last one was over here.

After the weekend with his ex-wife and all their friends, Andreas needed a break. The whole exhibition went perfect and he was happy for Emma, she finally had her dream come true. So he did his duty as a friend, but now it’s Andreas time.

He remembered a beautiful, almost hidden, book store near his hotel, so he decided to take a walk over. Little did he know how much joy would that bring to his life.

The book store had expanded a bit and added a coffee shop. It was so quiet, just as it was in Andreas’ memory. Perfect spot to find a good new book, and enjoy an amazing coffee. The whole place was filled with a bitter-sweet coffee aroma. Just what Andreas had needed.

After a while, Andreas found an interesting book he wanted to further check out, so he took it and was headed for a table he saw before, right behind him. As he turned he bumped into a young woman who was trying to reach a book on the highest shelf.

‘I am so sorry about that’ said Andreas, and as he turned he saw the most beautiful green eyes he could ever imagine. The young lady had just regained her balance and smiled. That smile made time stop for Andreas. Just for a second. Then he realised she was saying something.

‘Good thing I didn’t fall over’ she said. ‘Nice book you have there, I found it a few months ago as well.’

‘Uhm, what, oh, yeah? Good then! Again, I’m sorry about before. Would you like to tell me more about the book over a coffee maybe, so I can repay my clumsiness?’ said Andreas with an embarrassed smile.

‘Well, I was going to get a coffee right after I got the book up top over there, so ok, if you can help me with it, the blue one over there.’ she said, as she was looking for a free table already.

Andreas was not really sure of what was happening but he couldn’t wait to get over to the table she picked. So then he went over with the blue book and sat across the table from her.

‘My name is Andreas. Nice meeting you!’

‘Hey Andreas, I am Sophia, nice meeting you too. Although next time, maybe you can be more careful.’ said Sophia with a friendly smile.

. . .

They talked for hours. And they decided to meet again the next day. That night Andreas went to sleep happier than he’d been for months. But he somehow did not want to over think everything. It was just another date. Who knows?

To be continued…

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