Anaïs Colbert (Short Story Series #14)

Irish Bar Photography

Anaïs loves Dublin. That’s why she decided to stay here after she finished Uni. She comes from Northern France, but she fell in love with the Irish capital. She came here a few years back to study for a while and then decided she wanted to call this place home, for some time at least.

Anaïs made friends right away and loved the overall vibe of the city. She can’t get enough of the hidden pubs and narrow streets she visits. Anaïs took up learning photography since she moved here and finds the place amazing. As soon as there’s a bit of sun on the sky she gets out with her camera and never misses a chance to immortalise the beauty of the city.

She started her own company as soon as she arrived so as to keep herself in her field from Uni. She is so proud when her parents come to visit her here and get to experience what she enjoys every day in the city. Recently she thought of getting in touch with a friend of hers from a tourist agency so she can become a tour guide for her fellow French that want to see the beauty of Dublin.

PhotographerBut today she just enjoys a nice walk in a new part of the city for her, she hasn’t had a chance to see these streets yet. She’s also preparing a photo album with her favourite spots in the city. She has hundreds of photos to select from but there must be someone who will love what she chooses. Never did she think that she could enjoy this place so much. Even the weather doesn’t deter her from enjoying Dublin. She actually loves the rain.

And the sounds of the Irish language seems like music. Her own French accent makes her even more likeable. She knows it and still takes advantage. Guilty pleasure some would call it. But who cares. Anaïs is happy. That’s what matters. The whole vibe of the city just agrees with her. She and her friends just love checking out different pubs every weekend.

Dublin is her city.

Bis bald!



  1. I like how you used present tense in this one – I think it makes the whole thing feel real personal and (well, duh) present. Good work 🙂

    1. Dacian says:

      Thanks 🤓

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