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Hey there, and welcome to my blog. Took you long enough to get here 😉

This is a blog about the things that I find interesting and that I think are worth writing about. Simple as that!

I am an avid book reader 😉 and a travel enthusiast that loves foreign languages (the more, the merrier) and wants to share his experiences with the world. I have also discovered that I love to write my own short stories here on the blog.

I’m currently living in Scotland and I’m getting used to this amazing place.

I’m sort-of-new to this blogosphere thing and so far I love it, filled with amazingly interesting and inspiring people.

I hope you guys enjoy the blog and go ahead and share it with whoever you think might find it fun.

Bis bald

Ich bin Dacian

∴ I should probably help out with the pronunciation of that; it’s basically “I am” in GermanIch bin; and then my name, which is in RomanianDacian; both together are Ich bin Dacian -> /ɪç/ /bɪn/ /dʌ.tʃɪ.ˈʌn/ ∴


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