5 Great Reasons to Learn Spanish

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I believe Spanish is one of the most important languages of the world today. I myself have some knowledge of Spanish and I wanted to think of some reasons why Spanish is useful.

All of the below are my own personal opinion, of course, but the reasons why Spanish is useful don’t stop there. Let me know what you think of the reasons I picked and what else can be added to the list.

Here we go:

1. Spanish is beautiful

Alongside French, Spanish is an amazingly musical, sweet language. It sounds very beautiful and learning Spanish will let you understand some of the worlds best music.

The sounds are easy and even the different regional accents sound interesting, I think. Learning Spanish will let you become fluent and creative in a special language.

Depending if you learn Spanish from Spain, the original, or the one spoke all across Latin American you will notice the subtleties and different beautiful aspects of this Romance language.

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2. Spanish is the key to Latin America

As you know Spanish is spoken mainly in South and Central America, and Spain. Speaking Spanish will allow you to easily communicate with 350 million people all across the western hemisphere. And with those Spanish speakers traveling all across Europe.

Spanish is widely spoken and understood all across the Americas. It will make it easier for you to find your way to the hotel or order at the restaurant you pick on your trip. Or better, understand your salsa teacher while in South America.

Spanish is one of the languages that have a special status on many international institutions. Internationally Spanish is quite powerful.

You can go from California to Argentina with Spanish (and hopefully other equipment) and you should be fine. An area so diverse and vast. United by the Spanish language. Perfecto, no?

3. Spanish is actually not difficult to learn

Spanish is easy I think. I am not saying that because my native language is Romanian. The vocabulary is simple and the grammar definitely won’t make your life hell. After picking up the basics the rest is a piece of cake.

And as a huge number of people are trying to say mi casa es su casa, I believe that you can see how useful and easy Spanish can be.

As a Latin based language, the verbs will seem something out of this world at the beginning, but they are worth a try. Depending on where you live, or where you want to travel, Spanish can definitely be a great tool for your daily life.

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4. Spanish helps learn other languages

As it has so much in common with the other Romance languages, picking Spanish up will open the doors to all the other Latin based languages. The Arabic words also make it amazingly interesting.

Once you hold the secrets of Spanish you will definitely find it easier to pick up another language. Maybe Portuguese, so you can travel easily in Brazil as well.

The structures are incredibly similar to the rest of the language from the former Roman Empire. And Speaking Spanish will help you understand the way Latin people see and interact with the world.

5. Spanish is great for traveling and job opportunities

As I said before, Spanish is the key to South and Central America. But not only that. Having Spanish on your resume will definitely increase your points in getting that job you want.

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Travelling all across Europe you may find Spanish people or people who speak Spanish. Travelling in the Americas even more so. Spanish will allow you to understand what is happening around you and have an amazing experience on your trip.

On the job market, as Spanish is so widely spread, you never know when it might come in handy. And as it’s easy to acquire, why not give it a try?

Spanish is an amazing language for sure. I hope you agree with me in picking the reasons why this is a great language to learn and speak. Let me know of other reasons below.

It’s such a rich and beautiful language that is so useful in many areas. A language that lets you get to know amazing people all over the world.

Bis bald!


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