5 Great Reasons to Learn German

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German is one of my favorite languages. I have started this blog in Berlin, as you know, under the spell that the city had on me. And I couldn’t be happier.

I have been trying to learn German for years, even if not as successful as I’d hoped. But that has nothing to do with the language.

So I decided to write about why I think German is an awesome language and why it’s worth learning it. Of course, these reasons are my personal opinion and definitely, there are more, or better ones, feel free to comment them below.

Here we go:

1. German sounds awesome

I know this is a very subjective thing. But I for one love the way German sounds. Maybe because I always thought of it as something exotic, even if I lived my whole life in Europe. It has always been something interesting and fascinating.

And I cannot be the only one to think that. It has an easy and straightforward phonetic system. Long words start making sense after a while and actually seem greatly practical.

I believe that German is one of the languages that are an acquired taste, but one you’ll want to keep close after. I find it amazingly interesting.

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2. Germany is an amazing place

As I have always found Germany an innovation hub, this year’s trip was amazing. I always wanted to visit. And I did. And it’s amazing. Germany is the powerhouse of Europe.

With a very diverse landscape, Germany is definitely a place to add your travel list. Knowing the language will let you understand an amazing society. I believe that language is the best way to really comprehend someone and their true self.

German will allow you to see the world through German eyes. And visiting Germany is bound to be an amazing experience. So many picturesque towns and mountain villages, or the huge industrial powerhouses of the west, or even the beaches of the north, take your pick.

Oktoberfest is something many of you might have heard of, well yeah, that happens in Germany too. If you are a beer fan, that’s for you.

3. German is a gold mine

On the job market, German is sort of a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. At least that’s what I saw so far, and why not. Many German businesses have ties outside Germany.

It will always help you find something interesting to do. The most spoken native language in Europe stays high on the list of best-paid languages on the job market. That’s one of the best ways to make it worth the effort of learning it.

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Having a better understanding of the culture you are immersing yourself is always a great asset. Speaking German allows you to break some of the boundaries set by translation.

4. German is a language of culture

Music, art, literature, and others have been influenced by German-speaking people for hundreds of years, all across Europe. Germany is the country of poets and thinkers; Das Land der Dichter und Denker.

An entire section of the library will be available once you grasp the German language. A huge part of the internet will suddenly be understandable, as a great deal of Germans writes in German all over the internet.

You will find German literature and way of looking at the world to be fascinating, and to be able to understand it in the original language can only be amazing.

Germany, like France, is one of the countries that use their language a lot, rather than adopting English as much. So music and TV are in German.


5. German is a great exercise for the mind

German may not be the easiest language to learn. The grammar is very strict and straightforward. Practical, and with exercise, easy to understand. That’s perfect for anyone trying to learn a language.

All those articles and sentence structures will train your mind into being more structured and creative with the use of words. I find that’s never a bad thing. The new irregular verbs list will be a nice challenge.

After a while, German will grow on you and will help you find new and correct ways to express yourself in German.

All in all, German is an interesting language to pick up. With great benefits in many areas of your life. I believe it’s a beautiful language and is definitely worth checking out.

Let me know what you think of German and of the reasons I picked here.

Bis bald!


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